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Welcome to Skin City Tattoo and Piercing Supply!

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Notice: As our website is new we have not finished loading all of our products into the database so if there is something you need  feel free to call us and we will be glad to assist you. Thank you for your patients.

Here at Skin City Tattoo and Piercing Supplies we are dedicated to bringing you a best selection of tattooing and piercing supplies in the Puget Sound. Located in Tacoma WA, we are striving to become your premiere tattoo and piercing supply store.  The team at Skin City are ready to help you find the machines, inks , needles and supplies that you need, both online and at our brick and mortar location. Stop on in today and see what we have in stock!

Here are some of the Inks we carry are Forever Dark, Starbrite, Eternal Intenz, Silverback, Pro-line, Kirosumi, and many others. We also have single, dual, digital power supplies, Needles, Tubes, Tips and Grips, Antiseptics and Cord Covers, Green Soap, Dettol, Tat wax, stencil stay, and sharps containers, Exam Tables and Massage Chairs, and Folding incline tables.

Tattoo Kits and Piercing Kits are also available!

On the Piercing side we carry stainless steel forceps, disposable forceps, ball grabbers, sponge forceps, slotted Pennington, slotted foresters, septum forceps, hemostats and clamps, biopsy punches, sutures, needles, gloves, tongue depressors, sterilization pouches, aftercare products, antiseptics, alcohol swabs, finger cots, sponges, Bacitracin packets, A&D packets, and for Piercing jewelry these items.

Barbells, Tongue Rings, Belly Button Rings, Navel Rings, Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells, Horse Shoes, Dermal Anchors, Eyebrow Rings, Curved Barbells, Industrial Barbells, Labrets, Monroes, Nose Rings, Plugs, Ear Gauges, Retainers, Tapers, Ear Stretchers, Twisted jewelry, Piercing Tools, 14Kt Gold jewelry, 316L Surgical Steel jewelry,

Acrylic jewelry, Gold Plated, Natural Organic jewelry, Titanium Anodized, and Grade 23 Titanium jewelry.

If your in the area come and check out our selection. Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to help you!

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